Class One

Class One contains nursery and reception.  Our teacher is Mrs Wilkinson. The higher level teaching assistant is Mrs Brewster.

How will my child learn?

At Thornton in Craven school, your child will be taught in a mixed age class.  This has many benefits.  It allows your child to learn according to their stage of development.  

Themes and Topics

Children learn through adult led activities or open-ended child initiated play.  They are given time to explore and investigate both indoors and outdoors.  In our school, we deliver a topic based curriculum.  Our topics range from year to year but they are based on children’s interests and areas relevant to our local area. 

An overview of our curriculum is available on our website.

Areas of Learning

During the school day, nursery and reception children learn by taking part in whole class activities or group work.  They also spend time choosing activities that they would like to explore both inside and outside.  Adults sometimes support their play to develop their investigative skills or they will be allowed to explore independently.

Provision areas

Provision areas are available inside and outside.  This is where resources are stored so children are familiar with where to access materials that interest them.  There is:

A writing/art trolley which holds paper, pens, pencils, art materials, scissors and fastenings. 
A painting area both inside and outside.
A role-play area
Small world area
Construction area
Reading area
Plus numeracy resources, games, ICT equipment, sand and water.

Learning Journeys

Your child’s progress will be documented in a file called a learning journey.  These will be shared with you at parents’ evenings.  We document your child’s learning, play and achievements at school.

Our staff, will continuously assess your child against the criteria in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.  This will be done by observing the children both inside and outside.  We record learning journeys using an online app, Tapestry. Parents can download the app to view their childs learning journey.

As a parent, your contribution is essential.  Please tell us about your child’s interests and achievements outside of school such as recognizing numbers or reading signs outside of school, learning to ride a bike or learning to swim. Parents can upload thier childs learning out of school onto Tapestry - this is encouraged!


Your child will need a bookbag to transport their reading books and homework to and from school each day.

Your children will be given two weekly homework tasks, one for literacy and one for numeracy.  We would appreciate your support by ensuring that these are completed each week. 

Daily reading and practicing phonics is also essential (even five minutes a day makes a huge difference).


Parent Consultations

There are two formal parent consultations.  One in Autumn term and one in Spring.  If you want to speak to us at any other time however, please feel free to do so.  At the end of the year, you will be given a written report.