Welcome to Thornton in Craven Community Primary and Nursery School.

The school is a happy place with a strong sense of community and a ‘family feel’ to it. Pupils are kind and accepting of one another. Pupils and staff form warm relationships. A culture of inclusivity permeates this small, rural, community school. - Ofsted November 2023

Thornton-in-Craven Community Primary and Nursery school is a small, rural, village school and we believe that our strength is in our size. We know every child and their family well and we are therefore able to provide a unique and positive experience for all children in our care. We are situated in the BD23 postcode which was previously voted as one of the best places in Britain to live.  We also believe it is one of the best places in which to thrive and learn.

We have high expectations of the children in our school. Our staff work hard to provide an environment where children can thrive. Children are asked to work hard and behave well so that they are motivated to achieve their potential in all areas.  We recognise the importance of a positive school experience, and we are committed to providing wider opportunities and promote healthy lifestyles including positive mental health.  Pupils are encouraged to develop confidence and enjoyment in all that they do. The school aims to build the core strengths in literacy and numeracy but also to develop their individual skills in all areas including an understanding of well-being, responsibility, respect, co-operation and self-belief.

The staff endeavour to work together to provide opportunities for pupils to express themselves in a variety of ways throughout all curricular and non-curricular areas; overcoming barriers to learning and through using assessment for individuals and groups of pupils.

The school vision is that of a team made up of pupils, teachers, teaching assistants, parents, governors, the LA and the local community working together for success.  We have excellent parental and pupil satisfaction and the results can be viewed on this site.  

We offer wraparound care from 8am to 5.30pm in our popular breakfast and after school clubs. Details can be found here or by contacting school.

If you would like to find out more about us or arrange a visit, please call the number below to make an appointment.


Miss Suzie Brown NPQH



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