Reading for pleasure 

Every child has the right to master the essential skills for learning to read and living a literate life. But reading for pleasure is a right too. To teach children effectively, it is vital that we employ the latest scientific and academic research. Evidence overwhelmingly shows that reading engagement and enjoyment are essential. Reading has the power to change children’s lives. If we are serious about social justice and giving every child the best opportunities for life, it is vital that we teach children the skills to read and write alongside developing a love and curiosity for books. 

Books enable children to discover new worlds, meet new people and learn about the past, but they also have the power to transform lives. 

By sparking growing imaginations, stimulating critical thinking and helping to develop empathy, reading gives children the very skills they need to succeed at school, at work and in life. Helping children discover a love of reading is crucial. 


We know how powerful it can be to get the right book into the hands of the right reader at the right time, so Books for topic put together a wealth of resources to support book selection for reading for pleasure among primary school aged children.                                  

Reading for pleasure class 1

Reading for pleasure class 2

Reading for pleasure class 3

Reading for pleasure class 4

Reading for pleasure

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